Activities & Events

Please monitor the AFRANA calendar to stay in touch with what we are doing.  See the events page for activity announcements and to register for upcoming events.

The calendar appears in an agenda format below.  It can also be opened in a separate window and viewed in a traditional monthly format.  To subscribe to our calendar follow the instructions given in the footnote below.*


* Subscribe to the AFRANA Calendar

Right-click on the AFRANA Calendar Address link listed below and select "Copy Link Address" or the equivalent menu choice.  Paste this address into a new calendar subscription address field for your calendar application (see how for Apple, Google or Microsoft calendars).

    AFRANA Calendar Address

Note that if you merely click the address link, it will download a copy of the current state of our calendar to an ICS file that can be added to your calendar, but which will not update as new events appear in the AFRANA calendar.