Oak Creek Valley Safety Action Group

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The Oak Creek Valley Safety Action Group (OCVSAG, pronounced "Oak-Sag") was formed by a group of residents living within the Oak Creek valley of Benton County. The team formed to find solutions to problems that affect either explicitly, or implicitly all residents and visitors to the valley from 53rd/Walnut westward along Oak Creek Drive and its feeder roads. Many of the recorded concerns are driven by the continuously increasing volume of vehicular traffic reaching the area’s trail systems. OCVSAG seeks win-win solutions to purposefully acknowledge desired access while managing to mitigate concerns. Some areas or neighborhoods are less impacted than others.

Visit our Calendar page to stay in touch with what we are doing and our Vision Statement to see what frames our priorities. Browse our Resources and Maps pages for OCVSAG reference information, and our FAQ for more detail about our work.

You can help out by participating or donating or both! Thanks for your consideration.


The Oak Creek Valley Safety Actions Group (OCVSAG) is a program committee of the Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas (AFRANA), an Oregon public benefit 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Participation in OCVSAG is open to anyone living within the Oak Creek Valley area of Benton County OR and beyond. If you would like to participate, receive updates, work on specific issues, or just express your support for OCVSAG's efforts, please let us know by sending email to ocvsag@afrana.org or by completing this form: