Oak Creek Valley Safety Action Group


Oak Creek Valley Safety Action Group (OCVSAG) takes a positive stance with stakeholders by offering solutions to cited problems, supporting trailhead multi-mode access, and working to create and support managed predictable access protocol for decades to come.

Safety is paramount. It takes many forms for residents and visiting recreationists including planning for fire evacuation in an emergency.

Showcase Opportunity

Klaus Puettmann, OCVSAG core team member’s statement:

I think we have an opportunity here in the Oak Creek area to show-up as leaders and set a precedent on how to develop constructive solutions to reduce the negative impacts of recreation.

We have a unique set of conditions here.

We have:

  1. Progressive political leadership in the county and city

  2. A population that is concerned about the environment

  3. Several landowners providing recreational opportunities and at the same time interested in collaborating to minimize negative aspects

  4. Active citizen groups like OCVSAG

  5. Recreational professional interests, e.g., County staff, OSU Research Forest staff

  6. Potential to collaborate with e.g., OSU faculty and students, the Extension Service and other groups.

I don’t think there are many places in the country that are so well suited to developing constructive, collaborative solutions.

I believe we can set an example and, if we are successful provide a showcase for other communities in Oregon and beyond.