Jackson-Frazier Wetland

Program Introduction

The Jackson-Frazier Wetland is a valuable natural resource for Benton County, and a popular natural site for county residents. As a partner of Benton County Natural Areas and Parks, AFRANA has established a dedicated fund for maintenance of the Bob Frenkel Boardwalk, as well as fundraising and outreach support for wetland restoration, and interpretive & educational opportunity development.

Wandering the Wetland

April 16, 2022 Tour of the Jackson Frazier-Wetland RestorationDiscussion of Future Plans

Benton County Natural Areas and Parks has developed a wetland restoration plan to meet these main goals:

  1. Restore wetland hydrology through surface contouring, upland feature reduction, and increased soil saturation.

  2. Restore vegetation diversity through woody plant reduction, invasive weed control, and native vegetation seeding.

  3. Increase environmental education and outreach opportunities through habitat restoration demonstration areas, educational signage, and volunteer group stewardship work.

You can help out by volunteering or donating or both! Thanks for your consideration.

A Gift for Jackson-Frazier Wetland Video
Video event co-sponsored by Marys Peak Group Sierra Club & the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
AFRANA Jackson-Frazier Program

Read the full Phase 1 Report (draft revision) & Executive Summary for more detail. See also the AFRANA Jackson-Frazier program overview for more information about our work in this area. If you have further questions or interests, please email us at jackson-frazier@afrana.org.

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